About RISA

Rwanda Information Society Authority “RISA” is a government institution established in 2017, governed by presidential order N° 077/01 of 09/12/2022.

RISA has the mission of digitizing the Rwandan society through increased usage of Information and Communication Technologies and innovation technology as a cross-cutting enabler for the development of other sectors spearheading Rwanda’s digital and social economic transformation.

RISA derives from the former IT department of Rwanda Development Board, RDB. Currently, it is an affiliated institution to the Ministry of ICT and Innovation.

RISA has been put in place to be at the forefront of all ICT projects’ implementation and streamline research, infrastructures and innovation within the ICT sector. Furthermore champions the implementation of Smart Rwanda Master Plan initiatives.

Rwanda Information Society Authority is headed by the Chief Executive Officer and two deputies: Government Chief Information Officer and Government Chief Innovation Officer.

Our Mandate

Rwanda Information Society Authority has the mandate of planning and coordinating the implementation of national ICT for Development Agenda. In this perspective, RISA, in partnership with stakeholders and partners work to digitize government services and ensure easy access by the citizens.


RISA has the following responsibilities:

(a) to participate in initiating and implementing national Information and Communication Technologies policies and programs in order to fast-track socio-economic growth;

(b) to implement strategies which expand the access and affordability of Information and Communication Technologies infrastructures and services;

(c) to accelerate community development through mainstreaming Information and Communication Technologies in national socio-economic sectors;

(d) to prepare and coordinate programs that increase the required skills in the field of Information and Communication Technology in order to achieve a knowledgebased economy;

(e) to establish and strengthen innovation programs in Information and Communication Technology; 

(f) to coordinate the implementation of projects and digitization initiatives that deliver Information and Communication Technology services;

(g) to cooperate and collaborate with national, regional and international institutions with a similar mission;

(h) to coordinate national Information and Communication Technology procurement for commonly procured Information and Communication Technology goods and services;

(i) to advise Government on all activities which can fast track the development of Information and Communication Technology;

(j) to provide technical assistance related to Information and Communication Technology as needed in public institutions;

(k) to promote use of public key Infrastructure based technology in order to ensure authenticity, data integrity, confidentiality and accountability;

(l) to promote and enhance general Information and Communication Technology knowledge, sensitization and awareness and Emerging Technologies;

(m) to establish necessary Information and Communication Technology guidelines and Blueprints based on national, regional and international principles and monitor their implementation;

(n) to recruit and deploy Information and Communication Technology Staff in public organs;

(o) to perform any other responsibility, which is not contrary to its mission, as may be assigned by law or by competent organs.

Management team






Antoine SEBERA

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)


What we do



E-government Defined as use of ICTs in public service delivery, RISA aims at promoting ICT as an enabler to bridge people (citizens, businesses and civil society) to the government in order to promote efficient and effective service delivery

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ICT in Rural Area

ICT in Rural Area

A series of five year national ICT Plans have been implemented since 2001. In 2001, the government adopted the National Information and Communication Infrastructure NICI-I) plan and policy

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ICT Service M&E

ICT Service M&E

ICT can be used as an effective tool in monitoring and evaluation purposes. RISA developed some Technology tool /system to monitor and evaluate different cluster. The following projects fall under this category

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ICT  Innovation

ICT Innovation

Rwanda Information Society Authority (RISA) in collaboration with Inmarsat as part of its initiatives to develop the IoT ecosystem, support and empower the young entrepreneurs, accelerate and spur Smart City innovations

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News and Events

Training in IT advanced courses and Project Management for IT workforce

For the past 5 months, RISA in partnership with Development partners such as GIZ and Smart Africa Secretariat, organized trainings in different topics...

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ITU-WTDC 2022: President Kagame Rallies World To Address Inequalities In Digital Transformation

President Paul Kagame has called on the world to work towards addressing the gaps in connectivity and digital transformation that still hamper access...

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Rwanda Launches Campaign to Boost E-Waste Collection and Recycling

The Ministry of ICT and Innovation, the Ministry of Environment, and the Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA), together with partners and...

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Useful documents

Presidential Order N° 077/01 of 09/12/2022 Governing Rwanda Information Society Authority 303 KB 16.12.2022 16:11
Final RPF_Rwanda Digital Acceleration Project 2 MB 05.11.2021 08:58
Final ESMF_Rwanda Digital Acceleration project 2 MB 05.11.2021 08:40
Final LMP_Rwanda Digital Acceleration Project 872 KB 05.11.2021 08:16
Law relating to the protection of personal data and privacy 954 KB 17.10.2021 15:32
Environmental and Social Commitment Plan - Rwanda Digital Acceleration Project 336 KB 03.09.2021 12:46
Stakeholder Engagement Plan - Rwanda Digital Acceleration Project 2 MB 03.09.2021 08:52
RISA Organizational Structure 2020 80 KB 22.09.2020 09:35
ICT4Gov Cluster Strategy 2020-2024 2 MB 22.09.2020 08:50
National Cyber Security Strategic Plan 429 KB 22.10.2019 10:16
Law establishing the NCSA 476 KB 22.10.2019 10:16
National Cyber Security Policy 862 KB 22.10.2019 10:15
ICT Implementation Guidelines 2 MB 26.09.2019 09:18
Data Center and Cloud Services Directives 3 MB 26.09.2019 09:11
Enterprise Architecture Blueprint Development Guidelines 3 MB 26.09.2019 09:11
Business Continuity Management Guidelines 2 MB 26.09.2019 09:11
Foreword - Guidelines for Government Institutions 2 MB 26.09.2019 09:07
Enterprise Architecture Blueprint Development Guidelines for GoR 3 MB 08.07.2019 11:50
ICT Implementation Guidelines for Government Institutions 1 MB 08.07.2019 11:50
Directives on Cyber Security for Network and Information System 3 MB 23.05.2019 08:35
Guideline on Minimum Bandwidth for Broadband Internet Connectivity in Rwanda 7 MB 26.11.2018 06:09
Cyber Crimes Law 1 MB 05.11.2018 13:45
Smart Rwanda Master Plan 2015-2020 10 MB 17.08.2018 10:51
ICT Sector Strategic Plan 2018-2024 6 MB 17.08.2018 10:50
Law establishing RISA 1 MB 10.08.2018 08:36


Digital Ambassadors Program Recruitment 730 KB 10.10.2022 13:44
Itangazo Rireba Abifuza Kuba Intore Mu Ikoranabuhanga 721 KB 10.10.2022 13:44
Public Notice - Invitation to a Market Sounding Exercise Meeting 649 KB 26.04.2022 21:54
Request for Expressions of Interest - RCA Operational Plan and PFBs 3 MB 28.03.2022 10:27
Invitation to Tender - Centralized Framework for Laptop Computers Supply and Delivery to Government Institutions 888 KB 27.01.2022 12:50
Technical assistance to carry out a feasibility study to inform the GoR on best approach to digitalize civil registry archives across all sectors and cells 1 MB 03.12.2021 11:02
Vacancy Announcement to apply before 9/12/2021 280 KB 02.12.2021 10:50
Technical assistance to develop a National Innovation Systems Strategy and Implementation plan and the 5 year Smart Rwanda Master Plan II 1 MB 29.11.2021 17:58
ToR Monitoring and Evaluation Expert 516 KB 03.11.2021 12:39
ToR Procurement Officer 492 KB 03.11.2021 12:39
Request for Expressions of interest - Technical assistance for affordable digital devices purchase scheme 683 KB 18.10.2021 21:57
Request for Expressions of interest - Technical assistance, Schools digital infrastructure 682 KB 18.10.2021 21:46
Request for Expressions of interest - Last mile, Government connectivity and network planning 666 KB 18.10.2021 21:41
Itangazo ryo kumenyesha(Intore mu Ikoranabuhanga) 3 MB 13.10.2021 14:26
ADDENDUM2 - Technical Assistance (TA) to Develop an Early-Stage Financing Mechanisms for Innovative Technology Startups 379 KB 30.09.2021 15:07
RE-ADVERTISEMENT-Technical assistance for evaluating digital skills programs, and developing requisite digital skills framework and interventions 973 KB 22.09.2021 13:43
ADDENDUM1 - Technical Assistance (TA) to Develop an Early-Stage Financing Mechanism for Innovative Technology Startups 847 KB 21.09.2021 22:40
Request for Expressions of interest -Technical Assistance to Assess the Rwandan Entrepreneurial Support Organizations (ESOs) Ecosystem 979 KB 16.09.2021 19:46
Request for Expressions of interest - Financial Management Specialist 685 KB 06.09.2021 20:58
Expressions of Interest - Digital Infrastructure and Broadband Acess Expert 667 KB 06.09.2021 20:58
Request for Expressions of interest - Digital Platforms and Interoperability Expert 666 KB 06.09.2021 20:58
Request for Expressions of interest - Monitoring and Evaluation Expert 690 KB 06.09.2021 20:58
Request for Expressions of Interest -Technical Assistance (TA) to Develop an Early-Stage Financing Mechanisms for Innovative Technology Startups 2 MB 02.09.2021 19:50

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