Guidelines encouraging the public to exercise caution to avoid any further spread of the Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted how we operate demanding swift action towards adapting to the new realities. It has also highlighted opportunities for using technology and digital toolsas we strive to maintain a semblance of normality. Following the partial lifting of the lockdown, the public is encouraged to exercise caution to avoid any further spread of the Covid-19, particularly:

1)      Avoiding in-person meetings by using video conference tools and other digital collaboration tools to support the workforce that continues to work from home.

2)      Using e-mail for transmission of letters to and between institutions/individuals is recommended. Physical delivery of mail is discouraged.

3)      Using digital signatures is recommended for individuals and organizations (both private and public). Application, registration and issuance of digital signatures is done through the Government Certification Authority ( For additional information or any support, contact pki(at)

4)      Stay Safe Online by paying attention to the following measures:

a)      Safe use of passwords: Never share your password with anyone.

b)     Safe use of Wi-Fi networks: Do not connect to open and occasional unsecured networks.

c)      Never open emails, links and attachments from any strangers or unknown suspicious sources.

d)     Information security: Do not share personal or financial information on email or suspicious websites.

e)      Ensure all devices run the latest antivirus.

f)       Backup your work regularly, at least daily.

5)      Purchase and delivery of both essential and non-essential commodities through e-commerce platforms is recommended.

6)      Digital or cashless payments are encouraged for all services including for transport, restaurants, healthcare services and regular shopping transactions. All traders are required to accept digital payments such as Mobile Money, Credit/Debit Cards as an alternative to physical cash payments.

7)      All charges related to sending and receiving money via digital payment channels have been removed. Any traders requesting for Withdraw charges should be reported through Toll Free Number: 3988

8)      In order to curb misinformation, particularly around Covid-19 related updates in Rwanda, the public is encouraged to regularly obtain accurate information through the following channels:

a)      Website:

b)     Send a WhatsApp message to +250788202080

c)      Ministry of Health Twitter account: @RwandaHealth

9)      The Public may continue to use the following Helpline numbers:

Emergency services

Helpline Number

Report any symptoms or make an inquiry about Covid-19


Report Trauma or any mental health related concern


-      Gender-based Violence

-      Child Online Protection

-      Any other form of Violence

116/3512 (RIB)

112 (Police)

2560/5798 (MIGEPROF/GMO)

Reports and Inquiries on connectivity issues, Utilities, Mobile money services and Transport

-      100 (Telecos)

-      3988 (RURA)

-      2222 (Transport)