In 2001, the government adopted the National Information and Communication Infrastructure NICI-I) plan and policy, which was currently upgraded to Smart Rwanda Master Plan 2015-2020. As part of this initiative, the following projects were established:

 1. Digital Ambassadors Program

It is a program aims at mainstreaming ICT in rural areas, using ICT Buses. Its main mission is to bridge the digital divide in rural communities by providing basic training and access to ICT to rural based entrepreneurs, farmers, traders and rural communities especially to areas that lack access to power and connectivity. A rural farmer or an entrepreneur will easily access services they need near and more conveniently instead of moving a long distance to find the services. There are currently four buses with one bus operating in each province in Rwanda.

2. Establishment of Local Area Network (LAN) in sectors

 283 sectors are currently installed with LAN and able to support online services through the Rwanda online platform. 133 sectors remaining are yet to be installed as this project is still ongoing. The establishment of LAN in sectors will not only facilitate the use of Irembo system in rural community but also bring ICT closer to sector level and in turn empower the community at large.